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 Victoria International Airport

Victoria International Airport serves Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is located 22 km north northwest of the city, in North Saanich, quite close to the town of Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula. The airport is run by the Victoria Airport Authority.
In 2000, the Victoria Airport Authority began the process of renovating and expanding the terminal to meet passenger needs. In 2002, the new "airside hold room" was built as well as the new "arrivals rotunda." By 2005, the new "departures area" was completed.
Victoria international airport recorded six million passenger movements from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. Several domestic and international carriers fly into and out of the airport, including Air Canada, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, CanJet, Island Express Air, Orca Airways, Pacific Coastal Airlines, WestJet, Sunwing Airlines, etc. with flights to and from various cities in Canada and USA including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Seattle, San Francisco and etc.
Victoria International Airport started looking for a new video surveillance system in 2009. The airport assembled a project team with representation from several departments, including IT, and went to tender.


Our Work

Victoria International Airport went from 20 cameras to more than ten times that number in a relatively short period of time, but operational efficiencies have gone a long way toward offsetting the cost and providing a return on investment.
The airport’s baggage handling team, for example, is convinced the surveillance system does the work of two or three people, who would otherwise have to physically monitor the hundreds of meters of conveyor belts.
Baggage handling staff keep an eye on camera views of critical points along the system and are able to respond to malfunctions in a timely fashion.



Victoria Airport’s video surveillance system consists of 850 RedLeaf IP cameras, three servers running RedLeaf Video Management Software and 30 NVRs.
The facility has multiple buildings which are interconnected by an optical fiber network. Within each building CAT6 Ethernet network has been used connect to the cameras. Internal locations primarily used RLC BF-2011 - an indoor day and night box camera. Outdoor locations primarily used RLC DF-2011 - a high speed dome camera and RLC RF-2015 – a PTZ with 20X optical zoom camera. All gates have been secured with RLC DH-1532 - outdoor camera with IR for night vision.
Four servers have been deployed at the factory datacenter to manage the entire set of cameras. These servers continuously receive data from all the cameras and store the data with encryption for security. The data is also managed by the SQL database for easy retrieval by authorized users of the system.
The project was completed in the time frame of one month. RLC Management software was used as the video management software (VMS) to manage the recording as well as the interface for users browsing the recorded data. RedLeaf NVR is very functional and user friendly, and it can be accessed from any PC with internet connectivity. The result of this will be a full-scale surveillance solution of the Victoria Airport, allowing the directors of the facility to watch over the airport via the Internet and observe the activities from any location that they want. 

What were the results?

The IT group after finishing the project said: “We’re very happy with how the RedLeaf security solution system has performed for us. It gives us the scalability, ease of use and reliability we were looking for — and it’s much more than just a security system.”
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