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Description Release Date File Type/Size Download

RedLeaf's Tools and Software

RedLeaf Camera Manager 2013-01-17 Zip / 53883 KB
RLC-ToolBox 2013-01-17 Zip / 6244 KB

Firmwares for Box Cameras

RLC-BF2050 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2035, RLC-BF2040 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1520, RLC-BH1530, RLC-1531, RLC-BH1532 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1545 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BS1011, RLC-BS1015 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2011, RLC-BF2020, RLC-BF2022 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2045 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1535, RLC-BH1540 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BM5011, RLC-BM5015, RLC-BM8011, RLC-BM8015 2013-07-03 Zip

Firmwares for Dome Cameras

RLC-DF2035, RLC-DF2040 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DH150, RLC-DH1530, RLC-DH1531, RLC-DH1532 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DH1545 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DS1011, RLC-DS1015 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DF2011, RLC-DF2020, RLC-DF2022 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DF2045 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DH1535, RLC-DH1540 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DM5011, RLC-DM5015, RLC-DM8011, RLC-DM8015 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-DF2050 2013-07-03 Zip

Firmwares for Bullet Cameras

RLC-BM5411, RLC-BM5415, RLC-BM8411, RLC-BM8415 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2411, RLC-BF2420, RLC-BF2422 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1420, RLC-BH1430, RLC-BH1431, RLC-BH1432 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1445 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2450 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BF2435, RLC-BF2440 2013-07-03 Zip
RLC-BH1435, RLC-BH1440 2013-07-03 Zip

Firmwares for Speed Dome Cameras

RLC-RF2015, RLC-RF3015 2013-07-02 Zip
RLC-RS1020, RLC-RS1250 2013-07-02 Zip
RLC-RH1050, RLC-RH1250 2013-07-02 Zip

Firmwares for Network Video Recorder

RLN All Models Firmware Ver. 1.03 2014-05-28 Zip

General Software

Microsoft Internet Explorer 2013-02-01 EXE
Microsoft .Net Framework 2013-01-04 EXE
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2013-01-01 EXE
Apple QuickTime 2012-05-04 EXE
VLC Media Player 2012-01-01 EXE
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