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Here you can find solutions to the most common problems that you may encounter during the use of RedLeaf Inc.'s products.

If your product doesn't work, make sure that:

  • Power is connected to the product and the Power LED is on.
  • The network connection is up and running.
  • The product is updated to the latest firmware version.

Reset to default factory settings if none of the above works.

1 .

How do I reset my RedLeaf product to the factory default settings? 

2 .

What is a network IP camera?

3 .

Does the f-stop matter when choosing a lens?

4 .

How do I include video from my RedLeaf network camera on a web page?

5 .

How can I assign a static IP address to my RedLeaf camera when routine methods fail? 

6 .

Where can I find the password for my RedLeaf product? 

7 .

Which web browsers support RedLeaf video products?

8 .

Why can't I access my RedLeaf network camera from the Internet? I can access the camera locally. 

9 .

How can I record images/video from RedLeaf video products?

10 .

What camera housing should I use and at what IP Rating?

11 .

What is the maximum distance I can run 12VDC when powering a camera?

12 .

How do I report a broken or faulty product? 

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