- 4 hard disks and 12 channels
- Hot swap support
- Intel Core i3 CPU
- HDMI port (Optional)
- Maple series

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    RLN-4012U-MF  rack-mount network video recorder (NVR) supports 12-channel network cameras with and H.264 recording with 4 high-speed 3.5-inch SATA II hard disks for flexible long-term recording. The hard disks are hot swappable so you don’t need to turn off the system to add or replace the hard disks. The maximum allowed capacity of each hard disk is 4 TB.
    This NVR includes several management options with enterprise-class video viewing and automated monitoring software. The multi-server monitoring feature of this NVR allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 12 IP cameras from multiple NVR servers.
    RedLeaf’s NVRs can record video from IP cameras located in local or remote sites into a dedicated HDD storage without turning on a computer. The NVRs support real-time monitoring and playback anytime, anywhere, via a web browser. High-resolution local display can be achieved by using the HDMI port to connect the NVR to an HDMI monitor or TV for monitoring content in Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.
    Another feature is the intelligent video analytics feature, which provides you with security features such as motion detection, foreign object, missing object, out of focus, and camera occlusion. Additionally, it also offers schedule recording, alarm recording, alarm recording schedule, motion detection recording, and pre/post-alarm recording. Moreover, this NVR ensures data security with RAID (RAID 0, 1, 5) for maximum data reliability in case that any type of hard disk failure occurs.
    The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of this NVR is an Intel Core i3 for high performance video processing and multitasking. This NVR delivers a throughput of 96 Mb/s, allowing for seamless multi-user and multichannel video playback.

    Main Features
    H.264 Platform Support: H.264, also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, is the latest MPEG standard for video encoding. H.264 is expected to become the video standard of choice in the coming years, because an H.264 encoder can reduce the size of a digital video file by more than 80% compared with the Motion JPEG format and as much as 50% more than with the MPEG-4 standard without compromising image quality. This means that much less network bandwidth and storage space are required for a video file. Or seen another way, much higher video quality can be achieved for a given bit rate.
    eSATA Bus Interface: External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or eSATA is an external interface for SATA technologies. It competes with FireWire and USB 2.0 to provide fast data transfer speeds for external storage devices so that you can record and archive the video from security cameras on hard disks. eSATA supports a data transfer speed of up to 300 MB/s.
    Hardware RAID: RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a single unit. Data is distributed across the drives so that if one of the drives failed your data is protected and unharmed.
    HDMI Port: HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and supports transmission of Full-HD 1080p video. HDMI is an all-digital connector that can carry High-Definition video and several digital audio channels all on a single cable. It’s an optional feature of this series.
    Hot-Swap Hard Disks: You don’t need to shut down the entire NVR for replacing a hard disk or adding a new one to the existing configuration.
    Powerful CPU: This NVR has a powerful built-in Intel core-i3 Central Processing Unit for a seamless processing power as well as true multi-tasking and high performance High Definition video processing.
    USB 2.0 Port: Universal Serial Bus is the mostly used interface for external disks and was designed to standardize the connection of computer peripherals. With this feature you can easily save the video footage of the video security cameras on a portable hard disk or flash drive. USB 2.0 supports a data transfer speed of up to 35 MB/s.
    Redundant Power Supply: This NVR is equipped with two power supply units, each of which is capable of supplying the power for the entire NVR independently. If one of the units fails, the other one will take over to supply the power to ensure continuous operation of the NVR. You can replace the failed power supply unit without turning off the server.
    Maple Series: The Maple series is the premium line of RedLeaf products incorporating the most advanced technologies in video security industry. Inspired by Canadian Flag also known as l'Unifolié in French as well as RedLeaf Inc.’s own logo, this line of products offer the state-of-the-art features of RedLeaf video security solutions. The products of Maple series target large businesses and enterprise clients and those who don’t accept any compromise in their video security project.
    Multiple Displays: This NVR supports live-view and playback of the video footage from video security cameras on up to 2 displays simultaneously.
  • System
    CPU Intel® Core™ i3
    Operating System Embedded Windows
    Mainboard Embedded Board
    Memory 2GB DDR3 (up to 4GB expansion option)
    Case Hot-dipped galvanized sheet, Stainless steel, High-precise aluminum
    Fan Dual ball screw bearing fan, MTBF>100,000h
    Interface Local GUI
    Video & Audio
    Input 12 Ch.
    Playback Full-HD / HD / D1
    Audio Mic in, Audio out
    Recording Mode Manual, Schedule(Continuous, Video detection (Motion detection, Camera blank), Alarm)
    Recording Resolution 8M, 5M, 3M, 1080P, 720P, 960H, D1, CIF, QCIF, VGA
    Alarm Recording Video loss, Camera blank, Motion detection, External alarm
    Backup Mode Network download / USB HDD / USB CD&DVD-RW / Internal DVD-RW(Optional)
    Video Bit Rate 64Kbps~8Mbps
    Audio Bit Rate 32Kbps~64Kbps
    Video Output 1X HDMI / 1 VGA
    Multi-Screen Display 1st screen: 1/4/6
    Privacy Masking 4 customized zones with privacy masking for each area
    Hard Disk
    Hard Disk 4X SATAII
    HDD Mode Single, Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5
    HDD Installation Independent HDD rack, Hot swap support
    MD & Alarm
    Motion Detection Zones: 396 (22×18), Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)
    Alarm Input From 12ch, Green terminal interface
    Relay Output
    Number of Clients 4 Users (optional)
    Ethernet 2* RJ-45 ports (10/100/1000M)
    USB 4 USB2.0, 2 USB3.0 ports
    Front Cover Hot swap support
    Weight 7.5 Kg
    Dimensions 650x430x44 mm
    Power Requirements 100V-240Vac
    Power Consumption < 70W (HDD Included)
    Operating Temperature -10˚C~55˚C
    Working Humidity 10%~80% (non-condensation)
    Installation Rack mount (1 Unit)
  • Specification Sheet
    Description Release Date File Type/Size Download
    RLN-4012U-MF Spec Sheet 2013-04-15 PDF / 282 KB
    RLN-4012U-MF Datasheet 2013-04-15 PDF / 405 KB
    User Manual
    Description Release Date File Type/Size Download
    User's Manual 2013-04-16 PDF / 6449 KB
    Please click here to view and download the latest firmware of this product.
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