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HD Resolution

A High Definition (HD) surveillance system uses megapixel-resolution video cameras connected to an IP network, enabling end-users to monitor and record video in High Definition (720p, 1080p) or higher megapixel resolutions. The system can be integrated with alarm components (e.g. entry triggers, motion sensors), and supports remote viewing and email alerts. Smartphones, netbooks, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs are utilized to interface with the system.

Compared to traditional non-HD CCTV cameras, HD or megapixel IP cameras provide vastly higher image resolutions. The higher resolution delivers detailed image quality, and enables greater area-coverage per camera. The image quality and high resolution of HD or megapixel video security cameras increases the likelihood of positively identifying suspects and prosecuting them. Megapixel surveillance cameras enable monitoring of a large area, while still maintaining critical high resolution detail across the entire area being monitored.

There are demanding situations where you need to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. This could be point-of-sales monitoring where it is necessary to clearly see every item a customer is purchasing or situations where you need to be able to identify a face. High detail images can be achieved by installing a network camera with a telescopic lens or a lens with zoom capability to enable a closer view of the area of interest, or by placing the camera close to the area to be monitored. Using RedLeaf Inc.’s HD or megapixel network camera in all such cases will provide even higher resolution images with more details than a non-megapixel network camera.
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