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In imaging technology, Dynamic Range (DR) is the ability of camera which defines the capability of the image chip to capture the lightest and darkest elements of scenes, in the same field. It is defined as the ratio of the largest non-saturating input light signal to the smallest detectable input light signal. This ratio is usually expressed on a logarithmic scale as decibel or dB.

When a camera is used in a high contrast situation some parts of the image may become too dark or too bright and eventually some details will become unrecognizable. WDR technology is utilized by security cameras to provide good quality images even when there are high levels of bright and shadowy areas simultaneously in the camera’s field of view.

DynaBoost is the state of the art and proprietary technology of RedLeaf for high-end WDR cameras. DynaBoost uses cutting edge image processing techniques to produce high detail and high quality images in critical lighting conditions.
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