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You and your clients can enjoy reliable security, regardless of weather and location, with RedLeaf outdoor cameras. Many of our products comply with IP66 standards for protection against water and dust, and are housed in aluminum die cast enclosures making them vandal resistant too. The IP Code / Ingress Protection Rating / International Protection Rating classifies the degree of protection provided against a variety of potentially damaging elements, such as:
  • the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts),
  • dust,
  • accidental contact,
  • water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures
An IP Rating or code describes a system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure. IP rating is NOT a ‘product standard’ and does not cover enclosure requirements other than the ‘degree of protection’ provided. An IP rating is usually represented by two digits and may contain an additional optional letter.
The first digit represents the level of protection provided by the camera’s enclosure against solid objects foreign to the camera and against access to hazardous parts. The first digit can range from 0 to 6, with 0 meaning no protection at all and 6 indicating the greatest protection. The second digit indicates the degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against the harmful entry of various forms of moisture (e.g. dripping, spraying, submersion, etc.)The following tables describe each individual digit (level) and its classification.
The meaning of first number of IP code

The meaning of second number of IP code

Typically, surveillance cameras are rated IP65, IP66, or IP67. See the complete definitions below.

The following image shows an overview of IP ratings meanings:


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