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Outdoor Protection Standards

Electronic products and mechanical devices that are exposed to any environment (indoor or outdoor) are commonly also exposed to people, dirt, and moisture. The purpose of the case, cabinet, or covering on any electrical/mechanical product is for protection as well as for beautification (cosmetics) and of course to bear a company logo. The design of the case, including vent holes and the placement of screws and fastening devices, determines how much protection the internal workings of the product has from the environment. These intrusions range from dirt, dust and insects to sprayed/dripped/directed moisture and curious poking fingers.

Ingress Protection is the industry standard term created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and it is abbreviated IP (not to be confused with Internet Protocol (IP) - a completely different specification altogether). The NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) rating is a second and just as important rating. In the USA you will usually see a NEMA rating code. The IP rating is more common on devices used internationally.

This white paper has introduced the vandal resistant property for the outdoor cameras which have protective housing to shelter them from the harsh environment (dust, heat, humidity, extreme cold, corrosion, etc.); and also from vandalism or tampering and the meaning of IP code has described for external housing.
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