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The core of RedLeaf Inc. was formed in Canada by three groups of experts who had left Cisco Systems, Milestone and Pixim companies and founded this company in 2002. The experience and knowledge of this core group made it possible to bring about an all-around solution suitable for each and every need of the customers, and opening new horizons in video surveillance industry. This includes cutting edge hardware and software technologies that can make a revolution in all aspects of a mainstream video security solution.   The first evolution step of RedLeaf was generating new technologies for several renowned worldwide vendors to help them improve their products. From 2010 we entered the video surveillance market with our own products and under our independent brand name. RedLeaf specializes in producing professional IP based video security solutions for applications in many fields such as security surveillance, remote monitoring, banking and finance, education, retail, transportation and many other security applications. We provide a large portfolio of products including network security cameras, video servers, video encoders, video management software and accessories.   RedLeaf works with many types of customers ranging from large enterprises to midsize and small businesses. We provide optimized solutions for all security situations such as home and business, indoors and outdoors, special purpose cameras for incident detection, alarm activation, day/night surveillance, etc.

The goal of RedLeaf is to satisfy all of the customers with different needs through first-class and reliable products, services and support. To make this dream come true, we always appreciate all the feedbacks from our customers to help us improve our products and services. RedLeaf has introduced innovating technologies suitable to the market needs to date and we will do our best to remain the first and best choice for our customer with any video security project.

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